Limburg model to become the first Belgian on the cover of American Playboy

A glamour modal from Limburg Province is to become the first Belgian ever to appear on the front cover of the American version of the men’s magazine Playboy. 26-year-old Marisa Papen has already appeared on the cover of the Dutch/Belgian version of the magazine and now she can be seen on the cover of the US version of the magazine. 

The photograph features her floating in water between two other naked female models. Marisa Papen’s career thus far has not been without controversy.

She likes to be photographed in historically important places. Last year she caused a storm after she was showed off her naked body at the former Aya Sofia Mosque in the Turkish city of Istanbul. She was dressed in a burqa that she pulled up to reveal that she was totally naked underneath.

The model from Beringen has also spend time locked up in a call in Egypt after an nude photoshoot there.   

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