Two die as another light aircraft crashes: "Many questions remain"

A light aircraft of the ULM type has crashed in Pont-à-Celles, in Hainaut province. The two passengers both died in the accident, the third incident with an ULM this week. 

The small aircraft came down yesterday afternoon in bright weather. Pont-à-Celles Mayor Pascal Tavier confirmed that two people passed away. 

The aircraft came from Maillen, in the Namur area. The pilot had asked permission to land, but things went wrong soon afterwards. The two victims, a man and a woman, died in a field some 900 metres from the landing strip. It is not clear what happened exactly: "We are left with a lot of questions", the Mayor told reporters. 

It is the third accident with a light aircraft in just one week. On Tuesday, a plane crashed near Assesse (Namur). Nobody got injured. One day later, a light aircraft didn't make it in Landen, near the E40 Motorway. The aircraft caught fire after the crash, with the two passengers sustaining injuries. 

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