Brussels Airlines to be removed from Eurowings Group

Bosses at the German Airline Lufthansa have decided that Brussels Airlines will no longer be part of its low-cost division Eurowings, but instead will be transferred to the Lufthansa Group proper. The announcement was made at an extraordinary meeting of Brussels Airlines’ Work’s Council on Monday morning.   

Based at Zaventem Airport, near Brussels, Brussels Airlines was taken over by Lufthansa two and a half years ago. Since last year Brussels Airlines has been fully integrated into the Lufthansa Group as part of its low-cost company Eurowings.   

Now Lufthansa has decided to revoke this and Brussels Airlines is being removed from the Eurowings Group and will in future be closely aligned to other companies in the Lufthansa Group such as Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Swiss.  

How exactly this will be achieved will be looked at over the coming months. In a press statement Brussels Airlines says that a so-called “Turn-around Plan will be put forward in the third quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, Eurowings will concentrate on short haul flights within Europe.

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