Crown Princess Elisabeth on her first ever foreign mission

Crown Princess Elisabeth is accompanying her mother Queen Mathilde on a humanitarian mission to Kenya. The mission is the 17-year-old princess’  first ever foreign mission. She and her mother Queen Mathilde arrived in Kenya  on Monday evening for a three-day mission for the United Nations’ children’s fund Unicef. They will return to Belgium on Thursday.      

Princess Elisabeth is first in line to the Belgian throne and as such will become our country’s first female Head of State when she succeeds her father King Filip.  She will be 18 in October and is currently a student at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales.

Her accompanying her mother on the Unicef mission has come as something as a surprise. However, with her 18th birthday approaching she has been brought to the fore more and more.  

Recently, she attended a public engagement with her father King Filip when the both visited the Brussels Fire Service. There she put on a fire-fighters jacket and put out a fire. Here too her presence was a surprise.  

The young Crown Princess was also present at the funeral of  Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg. She was the only one of King Filip and Queen Mathilde’s children that were at the funeral.     

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