Former Miss Belgium detained in drugs investigation

The former Miss Belgium Tanja Dexters and her partner have been detained for questioning as part of an investigation into illegal drugs. 40 police officers carried out a number of searches at properties in Herentals (Antwerp Province) these included car dealerships owned by Ms Dexters’ partner. Both Ms Dexters and her partner are now being questioned. 

Officers from the Neteland Local Police Service searched properties including a Kia, DAF and Jaguar dealership. A total of five people were detained, including Ms Dexters and her partner, who owns the car and truck dealerships searched.  

40 police officers and 5 drugs tracker dogs were involved in the operation. Three cars were confiscated for further examination.    

This isn’t Tanja Dexters’ first brush with the law. Previously, she was accused of having left the scene of an accident after the vehicle she was travelling in ran into the back of another car on the E313 motorway in Olen (Antwerp Province). Ms Dexters and her partner were picked up by a friend before the police arrived.    

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