Flemish climate girl Anuna De Wever passes her exams with flying colours

One of the driving forces behind Youth for Climate, the movement that organised a series of school strikes and demonstrations to bring attention to the issue climate change has passed her final secondary school exams with flying colours. 18 year old Anuna De Wever’s academic performances doesn’t seem to have been affected in the slightest by her having skipped school on numerous Thursday to demonstrate against a lack of action on climate change. In addition to the days she (like tens of thousands of other pupils) wasn’t at school because she was demonstrating, a lot of Anuna De Wever’s time was taken up organising the demonstrations and making numerous media appearances.      




Speaking in an interview Anuna De Wever told journalists that "I am convinced that other pupils that skipped school also took responsibility and did what they had to do”.

The young activist added that she hadn’t counted the number of hours that she had missed during the several months that Youth for Climate was campaigning. However, she believes that she learned a lot from the campaign.

"I believe that young people should also learn elsewhere than just at school by doing things and experimenting and not just by listening to teachers”, Anuna De Wever added.  

After the summer vacation the young activist intends to study social science as an under graduate at Brussels’ Dutch-medium free university VUB. Afterwards she hopes to study international politics.   

In addition to studying she intends to continue campaigning against climate change.


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