Judicial authorities and threat analysis agency investigate terror attack threat

The Brussels Judicial Authorities have launched an investigation into a message was left on a video screen at the European Parliament. The message written in English said that an attack was to place on Brussels Central Market Square on Wednesday evening. 

Denis Goeman of the Brussels Judicial Authorities told journalists that “the screen is outside a building belonging to the European Parliament on the Wiertzstraat in Brussels.  Visitors to the parliament can leave a message. Yesterday someone posted ‘Bruselas will be attacked tomorrow at 6:00pm in Grand Place by a guy with a neon shirt – Abulah Hakimi'”.  

CCTV images are being examined in order to identify the person that left the message.

“OCAD, the Threat Analysis Agency, has been informed and is carrying out an evaluation of the threat. However, it is rare that terrorist announce that an attack is to take place”.  

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