Man sentenced to 5 years after "robbery of the century" at Brussels Airport

Frenchman Marc Bertoldi has been given a five-year prison sentence and a fine after the spectacular diamond heist at Brussels Airport, 6 years ago.

In a carefully planned robbery, 8 armed and masked thieves managed to get on the Brussels tarmac after making a hole in the fence. They drove to a Swiss plane that was being loaded, and got hold of 121 parcels containing diamonds and precious metals. The value of the goods was estimated at almost 38 million euros.

The public prosecutor saw Bertoldi as the brain of the robbery, but the Brussels court argued that there was not enough proof for this. However, Bertoldi is considered to have been of those cooperating in the attack as he sold part of the stolen items. Bertoldi has to pay a fine of 6,000 euros and the Porsche Cayenne of his wife will be confiscated, together with 45,000 euros in cash. 

Two months after the "robbery of the century", part of the diamonds worth 5 million euros had been discovered in the basement of a villa in Champel, Switzerland. The owner, Pascal Pont, turned out to be a friend of Bertoldi's. 

18 other suspects had been let off the hook, but the judicial authorities launched an appeal against this decision. 

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