A sunny start to the summer vacation

The summer vacation will get off to a bright, sunny and warm start. On Saturday temperatures will top 30°C and Sunday will see top temperatures of 28°C. 

Friday got under way with some cloud in coastal areas and along our border with The Netherlands. However, the cloud soon cleared to give sunny weather with temperatures reaching 23°C or 24°C in coastal areas and 26°C or 27°C on the High Fenns. Temperatures in the far south of the country could even reach 30°C.   

Friday night will be clear with minimum temperatures of between 14°C and 16°C. Winds will be slight.  

Saturday will be sunny with tropical temperatures in many areas. Temperatures will reach 29°C on the High Fens and in coastal areas and between 30°C and 34°C elsewhere in the country.  

Sunday will be sunny with the possibility of some cloud. It will be a little cooler in most areas with top temperatures of 23°C in coastal areas and 28°C in the east of the country. In the Gaume area in the far south of Belgium temperatures will reach 30°C.   

Monday will be cloudy. However, it will remain dry with maximum temperatures of 22°C or 23°C in central areas.   

Tuesday will see bright spells interspersed with periods of cloud. Some localised showers can’t be ruled out. Temperatures will reach 21°C or 22°C in central areas.   

Wednesday will be mainly sunny with top temperatures of between 23°C and 24°C.

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