Aquaflanders doesn’t expect water shortages this summer

The federation of Flemish water companies Aquaflanders says that it doesn’t expect there to be water shortages this summer. Nevertheless, it calls on Flemish to be economical when using tap water. During last summer’s prolonged period of draught a number of measures, including hosepipe bans, were introduced in order to conserve water. However, according to Aquaflanders this probably won’t be necessary this year. 

It has been warm and even hot over the past few days and there is not likely to be any rain in the days to come. So could we expect a repeat of last year’s water shortages?

Last year a relatively dry winter and spring were followed by a long, hot and dry summer. Groundwater levels reached and historic low. So far 2019 has been an average year with regard to rainfall. Despite this not enough rain has fallen to bring groundwater levels back up to where they should be.  

Nevertheless Carl Heyrman of Aquaflanders told VRT News that "We don’t expect to be water supply issues. At the moment the reservoirs are completely filled, but still we shouldn’t be wasteful”.   

According to Aquaflanders, it doesn’t look like there will be any restrictions this summer.   However, it calls on consumers not to waste water.   

The advice is to share a paddling pool with you neighbours if you can an not to just throw the water onto the lawn when the children have finished playing for the day.   

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