Climate activists stage demonstration at Brussels Airport

Around 20 members of the action group Extinction Rebellion have staged a protest at Belgium’s busiest airport at Zaventem in Flemish Brabant. Their action was designed to draw attention to the large about of greenhouse gases emitted by aircraft.


Environmentalists have been demanding for decades that something be done about greenhouse gasses. According to them, aviation also needs to do its bit. On Friday morning 20 or so activists made their demands clear during a demonstration in the departure lounge at Brussels Airport.         

Gert-Jan Vanaken of Exinction Rebellion told VRT News that “Aviation is responsible for 5% of the greenhouse effect caused by humans”.

"18% of the world’s population has been in an aeroplane and this figure will double by 2030, while emissions need to fall to zero by 2025”.  

The action group says that it is not targeting passengers. “We are above all demanding a change in policy”.

"Fair taxation for an industry that currently pays no taxation on its fuel. There is also no VAT on air tickets. We are also demanding that governments stop (indirectly) subsidising airports”, Mr Vanaken added.  

Extinction Rebellion says that income generated from taxing aviation fuel can be used to finance sustainable alternatives such as the re-introduction of night trains

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