Geert Bourgeois puts forward party colleague Liesbeth Homans as his temporary successor

The Flemish Prime Minister Geert Bourgeois (nationalist) has put forward his party colleague Liesbeth Homans to succeed him temporarily until a new Flemish Government is formed. Mr Bourgeois was elected to the European Parliament and as he intends to take his seat, is having to resign as Flemish PM. Mr Bourgeois will officially resign as from his position of Flemish Prime Minister on Monday 1 July. 

Ms Homans position as the nationalists’ Deputy Prime Minister in the Flemish Government will be taken over by Ben Weyts. Ms Homans will remain ad interim Premier until a new Flemish Government takes office.   

Ms Homans was taken to hospital with heart issues on Thursday. Nevertheless, Mr Bourgeois doesn’t expect this to prevent her from taking over the leadership of the Flemish Government from Monday. He told VRT radio’s morning news and current affairs programme ‘De ochtend’ that "I hope that she will be able to return home today and that she will be able to be there on Monday. If that isn’t the case we will have to look at how this changes the scenario”.

A meeting of the Flemish Government will be held on Monday at which the changes at the top will become official.

"I hope that it is nothing serious and that she will be able to work again soon. I will try and ring her later, because we are at a crucial pivotal moment”.  

Mr Bourgeois says that it is no more than logical that Ms Homans becomes the new Flemish PM. He added that it is also good that she will become the first ever female Prime Minister of Flanders. “It is a great moment for her, so it is unfortunate that she is now having health problems”.     

Mr Bourgeois added that his five years as Flemish Prime Minister were the best years of his political career. He added that the move to the European Parliament will provide him with a great challenge.     

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