Wouter Beke replaces Kris Peeters in the Federal Government

The Flemish Christian democrats’ leader Wouter Beke will take over the duties of his party colleague Kris Peeters as Minister for Employment, the Economy, Consumer Affairs and Tackling Poverty in Belgium’s caretaker federal government. The Justice Minister Koen Geens will take over Mr Peeters’ duties as Deputy Prime Minister.   


Mr Peeters is resigning from the Federal Government as a ministerial post in a national or regional government may not be combined with the position of member of the European Parliament. Mr Peeters was elected to serve as an MEP at the European elections on 26 May.


The Flemish Christian Democrats’ leadership met on Thursday evening to decide on who should succeed Mr Peeters. It was decide that the Justice Minister Koen Geens should take-overs Mr Peeters’ duties as Deputy Prime Minister while Wouter Beke will take over his other ministerial responsibilities.   

Normally it is the leader alone that decides on which Christian democrat politicians will be put forward as ministers. However, in this case it the decision was made collectively by the whole party leadership and was later approved by the party’s general assembly.  

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