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Hottest day 29 June on record, but the heat wave will come to an end on Monday

Today, temperatures have easily exceeded 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit), making it a tropical day. In fact, it was the hottest 29 June since records began in Ukkel, over a century ago. This afternoon, we had 32.6 degrees Celsius in Ukkel, smashing the previous record from 1957 (30.7 Celsius). The heatwave is expected to stop on Monday, when temperatures will dip below 25 Celsius, the VRT's weather presenter Frank Deboosere said. 

"Temperatures may reach 32 degrees or more in the Met Office's main measuring station in Ukkel today. This could be up to 34 in the Kempen area. So be prepared, protect yourself from the sun  and drink regularly. By the way, the coastal strip will not enjoy a sea breeze today, contrary to previous occasions," Deboosere had warned viewers around noon. And so it happened: Ukkel recorded 32.6 Celsius this afternoon. 

While we are nowhere near record-breaking situations like in France, ozone levels are up, having a bad impact on air quality, another reason to avoid heavy physical exercise during the day. The situation was worst in the Ghent area, in Bruges and in the north of West Flanders. 

Today's temperatures made the heat wave official now. We are talking of a heat wave when we have an uninterrupted series of summer days (+25) which include at least 3 tropical days (+30 Celsius). The heat wave started last weekend, but is about to end. 

Tomorrow marks the start of a change, as the wind will turn to the west, bringing cooler sea air. However, Sunday should still see temperatures above 25 degrees. The whole of next week should have comfortable summer temperatures up to 25 Celsius, and it should remain dry for the start of the school holidays. 

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