Arne Deboosere

“Smiling turd” goes missing in Ostend!

Mystery surrounds the disappearance of a beach orientation post in the seaside resort of Ostend.  Fresh orientation posts displaying emojis were put on the beach only a week ago, but the most striking example has already been stolen.

The posts are supposed to help children orientate themselves on the beach and not get lost.

It is believed thieves sawed off the top of the post shortly after midnight and took it away.

Mayor Bart Tommelein is confident the person or persons who absconded with the post will soon be identified as there are cameras on the beach.  “The cameras will have recorded the theft.  We will definitely find the thieves” he told VRT. 

Mr Tommelein has also filed a complaint with the police.    

Arne Deboosere

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