Liesbeth Homans is Flanders’ first woman PM

Flemish nationalist Liesbeth Homans has taken the oath of office as Flanders’ first woman prime minister.  Ms Homans succeeds Geert Bourgeois, who is now an MEP.


Ms Homans took the oath of office in the presence of Filip, King of Belgians, and the Belgian PM Charles Michel.  Until now Ms Homans served as Geert Bourgeois’ deputy.  She is seen as a caretaker PM until a new Flemish government can be constituted following the May 26 poll. Talks on a new coalition are now on hold until there is greater clarity about the composition of the federal government.

Ms Homans experienced a health scare last week when she had to be hospitalised, but during today’s ceremony she was able to reassure King Filip about her health.

Ms Homans courted controversy my referring to the Belgian flag as that "Belgian rag" when photographers were readied to take the snap of her new team.  Ms Homans refused to have the Belgian flag on the photo.  Later she tried to explain herself out of the controversy by claiming she was making a "joke".


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