Arne Deboosere

Oh what a relief!!! Smiling turd has been recovered!

The good burghers of Ostend can heave a sigh of relief: the smiling turd, a beach orientation post that was stolen days after it was erected has been found.  Ostend intends to put it back on the beach ASAP.

The beach orientation post intended to help children orientate themselves on busy beaches and not get lost displays the emoji of a smiling turd.  Thieves sawed the post in half on Monday night and absconded with the interesting part.  The smiling turd had only survived on the Ostend playa for five days before it was stolen.

The city of Ostend wasn’t amused and filed a complaint with the police.  After all smiling turd cost the Ostend taxpayer 3,500 euros.  Mayor Tommelein told reporters: “It’s not something you can put in your pocket.  It must be somewhere.”

The mayor hoped CCTV footage would assist investigators. On social media the thieves posted photos of how they headed off with the post as well as a snap of the smiling turd at somebody’s home.  Police soon managed to track down the stolen object that is now being guarded at Ostend police station until it can be returned to the beach.  Six youngsters are being questioned, while the mayor says the turd will be back on the beach very very soon!

Arne Deboosere

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