Speeding drivers, waste dumping and road rage causing Belgians most headaches

The results have been revealed of the so-called Security Monitor, a large-scale poll conducted by police about safety and security issues. Traffic-related problems account for three places in the top-5. 

It was the first poll of its kind in 10 years. Federal police took soundings from no fewer than 168,208 citizens, which makes the report very representative, says federal police supremo Mark De Mesmaeker. 

75 percent of those questioned say they always or nearly always feel safe in their neighbourhood. On the other hand, 5 percent often or always feels unsafe, a figure which is 3 percent down on last time, in 2008. 

Things which are irritating or worrying Belgians the most are mostly related to traffic.

This is the top-5: 

  1. speeding (66 percent)
  2. waste dumping or street litter (50 percent)
  3. road rage or aggressive behaviour by motorists (44 percent)
  4. parking offences
  5. burglaries

While crime figures remained relatively stable, cyber crime was up again. It increased by 15 percent compared to 2017. However, police suspect that the real number is a lot higher, as many people often don't make the effort to launch an official complaint. "We think that 8 in 10 victims don't go to the police. It is one of the most frequent forms of crime, but one of the least reported", says De Mesmaeker. 

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