140 bikes found in Leuven river

The River Dijle in Leuven was once again badly in need of a clean-up.  Fortunately, once a year the Flemish Environment Company tackles this waterway.  This year’s “yield” was particularly plentiful.

Leuven is a university city and that probably explains the treasure trove workers brought up from the murky deep.  This year a trawl of the river brought no fewer than 140 bikes to the surface as well as ten supermarket shopping carts.   Workers also found roads signs and even two trailers.

Most of the bikes are believed to belong to students.  Some are found still locked strengthening the suspicion that the bikes were thrown into the river as a joke often fuelled by drink.

The annual clean-up is held just before the summer holidays because the waters of the River Dijle are now at their lowest point.  Unfortunately the amount of trash recovered from the river isn’t falling.  The collection even includes bags of rubbish entrusted to the river by fly-tippers unwilling to pay for refuse bags.

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