Flemish parliamentary speaker drunk at the wheel

The speaker of the Flemish Parliament has been caught drink-driving.  Kris Van Dijck of the Flemish nationalist party had a blood alcohol level of 1.42 per mille.

Mr Van Dijck’s licence was withdrawn on the spot.

“I’m deeply shocked” he said “and will donate a month’s salary to a fund for traffic victims. 

Mr Van Dijck was elected as a temporary speaker only a couple of weeks ago. He was breathalysed last Tuesday after crashing into a trailer.  The breathalyser test showed a result three times over the limit and this was confirmed by a blood test that showed he had consumed six units of alcohol. 

Local police in Dessel called in colleagues from neighbouring municipalities.  As Mr Van Dijck is the Mayor of Dessel the town’s police cannot legally breathalyse him.

“It should never have happened.  I know driving and alcohol don’t mix.  After a meeting I drank too much.  It won’t happen again.”

Mr Van Dijck says he is well aware he should set an example and has apologised.

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