Swipedrinks helps you beat the queue

Summer is a time of music festivals, but nobody likes queuing at the bar for a drink.  At Rock Zottegem the organisers came up with a novel way of paying for your beverages this year, whether they be alcoholic or not.

Out went the double queues: queuing for tokens and then for drinks.  At Rock Zottegem the organisers experimented with “Swipedrinks” this weekend.  It’s an app that you can download on your smartphone and enables you to purchase tokens to pay for your drinks.  You can pay at the bar with your smartphone and stand a friend a drink my swiping on your smartphone. It even works from home!

Organiser Kurt De Loor: “You need to download the app to your phone, but once that is done you can stand friends a drink by swiping on your phone.  In this way you can stand people standing next to you a drink but also friends who are on the other side of the festival.“

The app even works from home, so there was clearly no need for anybody to run dry at this year’s Rock Zottegem that was held on 5 and 6 July.

“Swipedrinks” was developed in Belgium by Coupon Solutions.  Rock Zottegem was the first festival to pilot the app.  Kurt De Loor is convinced this is the festival payment system of the future!

As not everybody is au-fait with the latest technology you were still be able to get a drink by purchasing a tokens.  This year Rock Zottegem celebrated its 25th anniversary.  Midnight Oil, Gers Pardoel, Arsenal,  Regi and Boef all featured on the bill.     

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