Explosives found in house in Anderlecht

Police discovered explosives in a house in the Brussels borough of Anderlecht as the Tour de France started in the Belgian capital this weekend.  They say that at the minute there are no grounds to believe the explosives were intended for a terrorist attack during this event.

A worker alerted the police to the presence of a suspicious bag that on inspection turned out to contain explosives.  The bag was found in a storage cupboard under some stairs.  The bag contained nail bombs, knives and knuckledusters.

The army bomb squad attended the scene to examine the explosives that turned out to be home made.

The police say there is no indication the explosives were intended for a terrorist outrage.  The explosives may have been there for some considerable time.  No suspects have yet been identified.

A million people were out and about in Brussels at the weekend to see the Tour de France.      

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