Laughing gas in smash car in which five were killed

Detectives investigating a fatal accident in Kortessem (Limburg) on Saturday morning have found cartridges of laughing gas in the car that crashed into a pub killing all five people in the vehicle.

Four men and a woman were in the car with foreign number plates: three Belgian, one Dutch and one Portuguese national.  All were aged between 18 and 22.

It’s unclear whether any of the five had used laughing gas, but it shouldn’t be used when you drive.  Laughing gas may cause a headache, asphyxiation, brain damage, oxygen shortage and hearing damage.

Laughing gas is usually inhaled from a balloon filled with the gas. Via the lungs the gas reaches the bloodstream to end up in the brain. It creates a short-lived feeling of euphoria that is accompanied by giggling or laughing.  Hallucinations are a plus.      

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