Students paint Leuven litter bins in bright colours to combat littering


The city of Leuven has unveiled a new weapon in the fight against litter: thirty new litter bins that have been decorated to make them look trendy.  The hope is that people will respond and use the bins instead of littering the public highway.

The idea of pimping Leuven litter bins came from one of the city’s many students.  Alderman Thomas Van Oppens explains: “Ade came to see us saying that she saw too little art and creativity in Leuven streets.  She wanted to address this and via our youth department this has now succeeded.”

Leuven also investigated why people litter despite the presence of litter bins.  Many people complained about the visibility of existing bins.  The city then decided to get students to give Leuven litter bins more colour.  All thirty new bins have different colours and were designed and painted by students. Hopefully the initiative will not only make Leuven a more colourful city, but also a tidier one.

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