Bertem brothel: “People kept ringing at the wrong door”

A brothel located in the centre of Bertem (Flemish Brabant) has agreed to move.  A group of local residents had complained about the location of the bordello and got the local mayor on the case.

The brothel that promotes itself as a massage parlour is located in a row of terrace houses in the centre of Bertem.  It’s near the shops and a primary school, but the main gripe of local residents seems to be that punters sometimes got the wrong house and rang the bell of residents who have nothing to do with an enterprise of this ilk.

In ads the bordello advertises its location “only one kilometre off the E40 motorway” adding it’s easy to park your car in a discrete way.

Following complaints Bertem Mayor Joël Vander Elst went to have a friendly chat with the proprietors.  The result is the brothel has agreed to move. Joël Vander Elst: “Of course we first checked everything met legal requirements and that was the case, but this isn’t the kind of business you are hoping for in a rural municipality.  We had a good, polite conversation with the proprietor and she soon decided to move to another municipality.”

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