New Brussels bridge to honour LGTBIQ+ activist Suzan Daniel

A new bridge over the Brussels Canal will soon bear the name of gay rights activist Suzan Daniel.  The bridge still has to be built, but in a poll Brusselers were allowed to indicate their preference.  En masse they voiced support for naming the bridge the “Suzan Daniel Bridge” in honour of the American lesbian and gay rights activist whose work laid the foundations for several Belgian LGTBIQ+ groups.

Work on the construction of the brand new bridge on the Charleroi-Brussels-Willebroek Canal starts as early as this autumn.  It will connect the North Station with Tour and Taxis.  The bridge is intended for pedestrians and cyclists but buses too will be able to use it.

The people of Brussels could choose from five names: "Suzan Daniel" came out tops followed by "Zinnekesbrug", a reference to a “Zinneke”, an inhabitant of Brussels.  “22 March Bridge” marking the Brussels attacks only came fifth.

Suzan Daniel settled in Brussels in the Thirties and was one of the leading lights of the city’s thriving lesbian and gay community.  After attending a conference in Amsterdam after the war she set up the first Lesbian and gay group in Brussels. Elsewhere men often took the lead in establishing such organisations.  In Brussels it was a woman.


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