One dead, one injured in Antwerp police intervention

One person died while another sustained head injuries in an incident at the Plantin en Moretuslei in central Antwerp yesterday. Police were called to intervene in an apartment building; a 35-year-old with mental problems died on the spot when they opened fire. 

Antwerp local police received a phone call of a woman yesterday afternoon. She said she was worried about the state of mind of her 35-year-old son. Police came to the scene at the Plantin en Moretus Avenue. When they arrived, the 35-year-old was attacking the concierge of the building with a knife. The police opened fire. 

The 35-year-old man died, while the concierge sustained head injuries. He had to be transported to hospital. As the police were involved in the death of a person, the police watchdog Comité P will open an investigation. 

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