Test Aankoop launches class action against Ryanair

The Belgian consumers’ organisation Test Aankoop is launching class action in the courts on behalf of a group of duped Ryanair passengers following last year’s strikes at the low budget carrier.

Over 170 flights were cancelled or delayed, but Ryanair is refusing to compensate passengers invoking force majeure. Test Aankoop’s new step is intended to avoid the courts no longer being competent to try the case due to the length of time that has passed.

Ryanair staff stuck for four days last summer.  Under EU rules passengers qualify for compensation, but the company is refusing to do so.  Test Aankoop already initiated fifty individual cases on behalf of passengers, but now there is a danger the court will no longer be able to continue the case because of the time that has lapsed.

Ryanair rejects the idea that the cancellations were due to force majeure pointing the finger at the unions and what it calls their “unreasonable” actions. Test Aankoop insists Ryanair had control over the situation as Ryanair staff took strike action out of unhappiness with working conditions. Passengers qualify for compensation if flights are delayed over three hours or if a flight is cancelled without two weeks’ notice.  Compensation depends on the distance of the flight and varies between 250 and 600 euros.

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