Flemish actor Guy Van Sande gets three-year suspended sentence in child porn case

The Flemish actor Guy Van Sande has been given a suspended prison sentence of three years after various charges involving child pornography. Police discovered hundreds of photos and videos of child porn on his computer 3 years ago. An Antwerp professor was also convicted in the same case.   

Police discovered the footage as part of a probe that was targeting another suspect, from Diksmuide. Detectives suspected that the three (the man from Diksmuide, the actor and the professor) organised chat sessions to exchange child porn. 

Van Sande's suspended prison sentence is subject to different conditions. In the next five years, he cannot take up any functions which would bring him into contact with minors. He will also lose his civil rights for five years and cannot see the girl of whom he took pictures. Van Sande needs to pay his victim 6,000 euros. Van Sande admitted he took part in the child porn chat rooms, but minimised his part in the case. 

The professor of UAntwerpen received the same sentence, while the man from Diksmuide died before the court case. 

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