Nazi field hospital (?) discovered beneath a waterpit in Wevelgem

An underground Nazi shelter which had remained a mystery for years, has now been uncovered. It is situated under a water pit, at the premises of the Wevelgem technical services. A local journalist working for the "Krant van West-Vlaanderen" had the day of his life when he decided to check an old rumour. The secret shelter may be a Nazi field hospital, but may have served other purposes as well. 

Journalist Christophe Lefebvre has been fascinated a long time by abandoned places and buildings. He holds a popular YouTube channel about his discoveries. On election day, someone told him there is a door underneath a water pit on the municipality grounds. "It had been a rumour in Wevelgem for years", Lefebvre told the VRT's local radio station Radio 2. 

When Lefebvre opened the sewage lid, he discovered a second door and realised this could something big. In fact, he had discovered an old Nazi shelter including different rooms. "The underground complex has been under water most of the time, but still looks quite intact. The underground complex could host some 200 people. They provided shelter and storage rooms, but also desks with coloured walls for officers. It most have been an important place for the Germans." 

Wevelgem was of crucial importance for the Germans in World War II, as it was one of the few places with a long landing strip on its airfield.  Experts will visit the place to try and determine its function. 

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