Planning Office slashes job growth prospect rate

The Planning Office expects that 100,000 new jobs will be created in Flanders over the next five years. That's about one third less than the job growth we saw in the past five years. 

The Planning Office, the government's economic think tank, thinks that economic growth will slow down further in Belgiuml's three regions. While Flanders sees job prospects drop with 33 percent, Wallonia and Brussels will also be confronted with a slow-down. Wallonia can look forward to 35,000 extra jobs by 2024, Brussels will have 12,000 new vacancies, the Planning Office estimates. 

The employment rate will still drop, reaching 4.7 percent in Flanders by 2024 (coming from 6.5 percent today). It will be higher in Wallonia (10.7 percent) and Brussels (12.9 percent), but still the low scores in all three regions will be "unprecedented since 1980". The Planning Office even warns against shortages of skilled staff in certain sectors. 

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