Baggage handling problems at Brussels Airport are over

Due to an ICT problem at Brussels Airport, luggage handling services for departing flights were disrupted for a while this morning. The problem was solved around 1:30 PM when the computer system was rebooted, but the consequences are huge. 

The IT system could not read which piece of luggage had to be sent where via the automatic belt after check-in. As a result, staff had to do the job themselves, and suitcases had to be sorted and transported to the right place by hand. On a busy day like today, this triggered a pile of baggage in the departure hall in no time. It is estimated that 7,000 pieces of luggage couldn't be handled in time.

About 50 flights were delayed, others left on time but many passengers started their journey without their checked-in luggage. Brussels Airport apologised for the hiccup and promised to send the luggage as soon as possible. 

Zaventem is expecting almost 80,000 passengers today, including about 40,000 for departing flights. Tour operators Tui Fly will try to avoid Brussels Airport for the rest of the afternoon to be on the safe side. 

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