Man sets new "toilet sitting world record" in Ostend despite difficult last hours

Jimmy De Frenne of Ostend has set a new landmark in toilet sitting. The man sat on the toilet for almost five consecutive days. Though he had to end his world record bid sooner than planned due to physical woes, he can still call himself a world record holder.

"Why not?" Jimmy De Frenne must have thought. The 48-year-old started his world record attempt last Sunday in an Ostend pub. The plan was to stay in his place for 150 hours, but eventually he stranded after 116 hours. It must have been a relief for De Frenne to learn he can still call himself a world record holder after all, since nobody ever did it before, according to the official books.

 De Frenne was closely followed by a doctor. He was entitled to a 5 minutes' break each hour, time he could spare and take up later if he wanted. However, at the end of his attempt he could hardly stay awake. He didn't make the 150 hours, "but the proud feeling that he could at least do it for 116 hours, prevails" it can be heard.

The record attempt was also meant as a fundraiser for the Ostend youth house 'De Takel'. 250 euros have been collected so far, but this is just a start as the toilet on which De Frenne made his bid, will be auctioned.  

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