Reports of three possible cases of rape at Dour festival

Three women have launched an official complaint for rape at the Dour music festival in Wallonia. There are no clues that the three cases are linked to one another, investigators says, dismissing claims about a serial rapist. 

The facts go back to Thursday night; they took place at three different locations, on the campsite and on the festival site itself. One of the victims is only 19 years old. There are no further details about the circumstances yet, and no suspects have been apprehended so far. 

The Dour festival attracts 40 to 50,000 enthusiasts each day. Local police received 3 complaints of rape in 48 hours and informed the judicial authorities in Mons (Hainaut province) which started an investigation. 

After being confronted with reports of rape over the past years, Dour organisers had just started a campaign against sexual intimidation. Festival-goers are asked to be vigilant, and special teams include a prevention unit and a unit to provide psychological support. 

Organisers underline that it is no problem to come to the festival. Damien Dufrasne says it's always a good idea to remain vigilant, "on a festival site as well as in daily life. Don't forget we are living in a community of 50,000 people here. Be careful, stay with your friends and if you need help, we have plenty of stewards and volunteers who are there to help you." 

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