First Belgian mussels from the North Sea have arrived

The first Belgian mussels from the North Sea have been presented. They are not for sale in the shops yet, but they could be tasted in Ostend last Friday.  

The first Belgian North Sea mussels were cultivated 5 kilometres off the coast by Brevisco, following the single drop method. The company cooperates with retailers Colruyt to engage in sustainable mussel farming.

The Belgian mussels are growing on long lines, in order not to damage the soil. The mussels grow fast, and are ready for consumption in less than a year. Brevisco claims "the mussels have more flesh because of the many minerals in the North Sea".

These mussels were grown 5 km from the port of Nieuwpoort in an area called Westdiep. The first harvest, the result of a pioneering project, was relatively modest, our colleagues of the regional radio station Radio 2 West-Vlaanderen said, with some 3,000 kilograms. 

North Sea mussels have not been commercialised on a big scale yet, but Colruyt hope to become the first. "They are of good quality and clean, which makes them perfect for consumption," says Stephan Goethaert, general director of the Colruyt Group.  

Watch the video of the tasting in Ostend here:

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