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Belgium remains 16th in KPMG’s Growth Promise Indicator

The latest “Growth Promise Indicator” published by the consultancy firm KPMG has put Belgium 16th out of the 180 countries it surveyed. Each year KPMG publish a list of the economic growth prospects for the world’s economies. Belgium’s score of 7.6 out of 10 is better than last year’s score. However, our country’s overall position in the Growth Promise Indicator (GPI) rankings remains unchanged. The GPI uses five indicators that including human capital and the quality of a country’s infrastructure.     

According to Mr Maerevoet, moderate to poor scores in the categories “infrastructure” and “macro-economic stability” served to bring down Belgium’s total score. The main issues in these fields centre on the state of our road and rail infrastructure and Belgium’s high public debt.

"If we want to retain our position on the world stage we need to continually prioritise infrastructure, forward-looking education and addressing the public debt”, Mr Maerevoet added.    

This year’s score of 7.6 is slightly better than the 7.4 KPMG gave to Belgium last year’s GPI rankings.

Once again Switzerland tops the GPI list with The Netherlands in second place and Singapore third.

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