Police transmitter the cause of mystery of Maaseik?

Strange things have been happening in the Limburg town of Maaseik in recent days. A number of resident have been unable to get their cars to start while other have been unable to open their radio-controlled garage doors. Meanwhile motorist that have been able to get their cars out onto the road report that their windows of their vehicles have been opening and shutting of their own accord. But what is behind the mystery of Maaseik?    



A screening of all the reports of strange things happening in the town that is located near to the border between Belgian and Dutch Limburg has found that they come from within a 500 metre radius of an Astrid emergency services transmitter that is located at the town’s police station on the Maastrichtersteenweg.     

The Mayor of Maaseik Johan Tollenaere (liberal) told VRT Radio 2 Limburg that "This considered it is quite logical that everyone believes that the transmitter has something to do with this. We have contacted those responsible for the Astrid emergency services communication system. Apparently work has been carried out on the antenna we are currently investigating whether this could have something to do with it. The problem is that several companies have worked on the antenna”.     

Mr Tollenaere added "We of course live in an age in which you can start your car or open your garage at the touch of a button. However, you have a problem if this doesn’t work”.

“Some residents had parked their cars outside and it’s not nice when you go outside in the morning and see that your car windows are down”.

There is also a supermarket near to the antenna and some shoppers have reported being unable to open their vehicles when they wished to return home from their weekly shop. Mayor Tollenaere told VRT Radio 2 Limburg that around a dozen complaints have been received so far. He added that anyone that has experienced any of the issues listed above should send an e-mail to info@maaseik.be giving the make of car of garage door with which there have been issues. 

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