Arthur is Belgium’s most popular boy’s name

It’s the stuff of legends, but now it has become reality, at least in surreal Belgium.  For the first time in the history of this young kingdom, Arthur has become the country’s most popular name for boy new-borns.  For girls Emma remains the most popular given name.

It’s an annual tradition that the Belgian statistics office releases the figures of the most popular given names in Belgium.  Last year 565 boys were named Arthur.  It’s the most popular boys’ name followed by Noah (553) and Adam (548).

For years now Emma has been the most popular given name for girl new-borns.  Emma is followed by Olivia (554) and Louise (545).

Considered by region Mila and Arthur are the most popular given names in Flanders.  Here, Arthur is followed by Noah and Lucas.  Girl’s name Mila is followed by Olivia and Marie in popularity in Flanders.

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