Jail for Ghent freeloader

A woman, who has been dining out for months now and has been refusing to pay her tab, is going to jail at last.

The woman has dined in Kortrijk, Roeselare, along the Flemish coast but above all in Ghent and on each and every occasion at the end of her meal she told staff she couldn’t pay the bill. Action in the courts meant that she faced a ninety-two month prison sentence when all the individual sentences were totted up, but so far she hasn’t had to serve a single day.  This is now set to change.  The woman’s been arrested in Ghent.  Ghent prosecutor Filip Jodts: “We weren’t able to implement the sentences because there was no final verdict.  This has now changed. Starting Thursday the sentences are final and she will go to jail.”

The woman now faces 92 months in jail, though she can be released early after she has served a third of her sentence.  Still, further sentences are expected to be added as yet more cases come to court.

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