Explosion in Antwerp restaurant

There has been an explosion in a restaurant that is situated in Den Brandt Castle in the Antwerp district of Deurne. The explosion comes just days since a grenade was found inside the restaurant. The exact circumstance surrounding the explosion are as yet unclear.      

A few days ago the area around the castle was cordoned off and a grenade was found in the restaurant. During the night there was an explosion in the restaurant. The blast caused considerable damage. The bomb disposal service DOVO is at the scene and the area around the castle has been cordoned off.   

Wouter Bruyns of the Antwerp Local Police Service told VRT News that "DOVO is here to assess the danger, to examine whether there is still danger and if this is the case to remove it”.    

Mr Bruyns added that “The investigation is being carried out by the Federal Judicial Police. The forensic lab is at the scene collecting evidence”.

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