20-year-old dies in accident in East Flanders

A young man has been killed in a road traffic accident in the East Flemish municipality of Destelbergen. The 20-year-old died after the vehicle he was travelling in left the road and crashed into a telegraph pole. 

The victim was travelling with three other people in the vehicle when the accident happened. They were returning from a night out at the Ghent Festival.

Tragedy struck at around 8:30am on Saturday morning when the driver lost control of his vehicle at an S bend on the Dendermonde Road. The vehicle slipped on the wet road surface before leaving the road and crashing into a telegraph pole. 

The emergency services were at the scene quickly. However, it was still too late to save one of the passengers in the car. Another passenger in the car sustained life-threatening injuries in the crash. The driver of the car and one other passenger escaped with minor injuries. They were taken to hospital.

The accident led to the closure of the main Ghent to Dendermonde road at Destelbergen. The Judicial Authorities have appointed and accident investigation expert to ascertain the exact circumstances surrounding the accident.

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