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Tomorrowland festivalgoer dies in hospital

A man that was attending the Tomorrowland dance music festival in Boom (Antwerp province) has died in an Antwerp hospital. The 27-year-old man from India was among four people that were taken to hospital after they had fallen ill at the festival on Friday evening. The cause of the man’s death is still unknown. 

On Saturday morning Antwerp University Hospital confirmed that four festivalgoers from Tomorrowland were brought by ambulance to its intensive care unit on Friday evening. One of them, a 27-year-old Indian man that had been resuscitated by paramedics at the festival site, has since died. The Antwerp Judicial Authorities say that the cause of death is currently unknown.

Antwerp University Hospital’s Spokeswoman Evita Bonné told VRT News that festivalgoers that become unwell should not hesitate to seek help.

"There are a number of medical professionals present on site, including a medical emergency team from Antwerp University Hospital. People that think that they or their friends need help for whatever reason should not hesitate in talking to a member of the medical teams”.

The festival organisers say that the man’s death is deeply regrettable.

Tomorrowland’s Spokeswoman Debby Wilmsen told VRT News "It is very unfortunate that something like this should have happened on the first day of the festival. We extend our condolences to the family and friends of the deceased”.

Last year two female Tomorrowland festivalgoers died of water poisoning after having taken ecstasy.  

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