Marnik Aerts

Another explosion in Antwerp

There has been another explosion in Antwerp, this time on the Maasstraat in the Berchem district of the city. It is probable that the explosion came from two grenades that detonated in the street. Six cars and the facades of two houses were damaged in the explosion.  The Federal Judicial Police has opened an investigation. 

The incident happened at around 3:15 am on Monday morning. Witnesses say that they heard two blasts.  

The Antwerp Police Spokesman Willem Migom told VRT News that “On their arrival offices saw two possible points of impact on the pavement.   

"The officers from judicial police lab and the bomb disposal service DOVO attended the scene. A dog trained to track explosives was also deployed so as to be certain that no other explosives were present. However, this proved not to be the case.  

Police cordoned off the area and the area is being searched for possible clues. An Examining Magistrate is at the scene. Only once he has completed his work will the cordon be lifted.    

There have been a number of incidents with hand grenades being detonated in Antwerp in recent months.  Just last week a restaurant in den Brandt Castle in the Wilrijk area of Antwerp was damaged by a grenade explosion. 

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