Escaped ape back in captivity

Police and zoo keepers searched for a Celebes crested macaque that escaped from its enclosure at the Planckendael Animal Park, near Mechelen (Antwerp Province) on Monday morning. The animal that has since been recaptured was spotted near to the Mechelen to Leuven Canal, just outside the zoo.  

The ape climbed on the roof of a house.  Planckendael’s Spokeswoman told VRT News that “The ape that escaped from its enclosure is a Celebes crested macaque and is about 20cm tall. It probably crawled under the fence around its enclosure”.  The three-year-old ape is called Rojo and was described as being rather shy.

Although Rojo is not dangerous the police and the animal park told locals not to corner him or try to catch him. Anyone that saw Rojo was asked to contact Mechelen police. 

After just a few hours of freedom Rojo was recepatured shortly after 2pm on Monday afternoon. 

Last year a lioness escaped from her cage due to human error and was able to roam free for hours. After two failed attempt to tranquilise her she was finally shot dead.  

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