Could Thursday be the warmest day since records began?

This Thursday could well be the warmest day since in Belgium since records began 186 years ago in 1833. The VRT’s weatherman Frank Deboosere says that with temperatures forecast to peak above 37°C the chance is very real that 25 July 2019 with go down in history as Belgium’s warmest day.     

Up until now the highest temperature ever recorded at the Ukkel Weather Centre in Brussels was 36.6°C on 27 June 1947. However, if the forecasts are correct this record will be broken on Thursday.  

Frank Deboosere (photo below) told VRT News that “Tomorrow (Tuesday) temperatures will reach 28°C at the coast and 33°C in inland areas. From Wednesday it will become really tropical with temperatures reaching 36°C.  At night things won’t really cool down with temperatures remaining above 20°C”.

"Thursday could well be the warmest day ever in our country. We forecast temperatures of 37°C and more”.  


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