Francophone socialist leader no longer rules out talks with the nationalists

The leader of the Francophone socialist party PS  Elio Di Rupo now no longer rules out talks with the Flemish nationalist party N-VA about the possibility of forming a Federal Government. Mr Di Rupo told the Francophone public broadcaster RTBF that he would consider talking to the Flemish nationalists if he received an invitation to talks involving them from the “Informateurs” that have been appointed by the King.     

Mr Di Rupo’s comments came a day after King Filip used his National Day speech to call on politicians to make haste towards the formation of a new Federal Government.

The Francophone socialist leader was at the National Day celebrations in Brussels when he made his comments to RTBF. A journalist asked him about the sentiments expressed in the King’s speech. Mr Di Rupo replied “I think that we should take them literally. The King wants politicians to talks and this is certainly possible”.   

However, any call to talks would have to come from the Informateurs Johan Vande Lanotte and Didier Reynders.  

"The Royal Informateurs appear to want to arrive at roundtable talks. If this is the case, we will talk”, Mr Di Rupo said.    

He added that he didn’t yet know which other parties will go to the negotiating table.  

Mr Di Rupo concludes that the election result means that it is taking a long time for talks on the formation of a new Federal Government to start.   

"The results are what they are. There are now various parties that could play an important role, but whose aims and sensitivities differ. This means that more time is required”. 

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