Two die in accident on the E40 motorway in East Flanders

Two people were killed in an accident on the E40 motorway in the East Flemish municipality of Nevele on Tuesday morning. A car that had broken down and was parked on the hard shoulder was hit by a lorry. Earlier a few kilometres away in Aalter (East Flanders) there was an accident on the coast-bound carriageway of the motorway involving a campervan and a car. 

The accident in Nevele was on the eastbound carriageway.

A lorry that coming from a slip road crashed into a car that was parked on the hard should. An elderly couple that was inside the car died at the scene.   

The accident in Aalter led to a 10km tailback for those heading for Bruges and the coast. This persisted for several hours. Here no one was injured.  

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