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24 drug dealers caught during the first weekend of the Tomorrowland dance music festival

According to figures released by the Federal Police and the Antwerp Judicial Authorities on Wednesday. 24 people were caught dealing drugs at the Tomorrowland dance music festival at Boom in Antwerp Province. 

21 of them were given an immediate summons and will appear in court at a special hearing later this year. 3 dealers were detained and are now in custody. Just one of the 24 dealers is a Belgian national. Ten on those detained are Dutch, 6 are British, three are Italian, two are American, one is Spanish and one is German.

Three of those detained, including a well-known Dutch actresses, were questioned by an Examining Magistrate and detained.       

In addition to those caught dealing, 231 festivalgoers were caught with drugs for personal use. They receive an on the spot fine of 75 euro for the passion of soft drugs and 150 euro if they were caught in the possession of hard drug.

During the first weekend of the festival 820 ecstasy pills, 139g of cocaine, 198g of MDMA, 9g of cannabis, 1g of hash, 153g of ketamine and 54ml of GHB were confiscated along with 17,000 euro in cash.     


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