Reception centre for asylum-seekers in Leopoldsburg to reopen

The Flemish Red Cross is to reopen the emergency reception centre for asylum-seekers in the Limburg municipality of Leopoldsburg. Previously the centre, in the Moorslede Kwartier, was used at the height of the migration crisis in 2015. The Red Centre is re-opening the reception centre at the request of the federal authorities that are responsible for asylum and migration. The centre should help solve the current shortage of places available in facilities for asylum-seekers. 

The centre will have room for 500 residents. Around 60 staff will be taken on to look after them.

The Red Cross hopes to have the centre operational by the autumn.

The centre will remain open for between 12 and 18 months. The first asylum-seekers are expected to move in during the second half of December.

The announcement of the centre’s opening gives local schools the chance to prepare for extra pupils in the special classes for non-Dutch-speaking newcomers and Dutch as a second language classes. Both families with and without children and single people will be houses at the centre. The centre will be an open centre during the day, but locked up at night.    

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