New record: Thursday is even hotter, but rail woes

The temperature in Ukkel (Brussels) reached 36.9°C today.  The measurement means that the record for Brussels set in 1947 was trashed.

On 27 June 1947 36.6°C was recorded at Ukkel and that is a record that has stood for over seventy years.

Brussels wasn’t the hottest part of the country.  In the Kempen District temperatures in excess of 40°C were recorded.

In early afternoon a new Belgian record was set in Kleine Brogel (Limburg).  The 40.2°C record set in Angleur Liège on Wednesday was improved when 40.6°C was recorded at the air base.

The intense heat triggered problems across the rail netowrk.  A Thalys train got stuck between Mechelen and Brussels due to problems with overhead cabling.  As a result only two out of four tracks between Antwerp and Brussels were available leading to delays. Elsewhere too trains ground to a halt outside stations stranding passengers. Problems have been reported between Kortrijk and Oudenaarde.

On the coast services of the coastal tram were halted due to problems with overhead cabling.